Do You really LIKE ME?!

bait-and-switchWell, I got a surprise in my inbox today from one of the most respected Audiobook Production companies out there.  Some consider this company to be one of the more prestigious organizations that will set your narration career apart from the rest.  Well, they sent me an invitation to submit my demo to be a part of their “roster” of talent.  I’ve got two problems with this.

  1. I’m already supposedly on their roster.
  2. The letter offered voice over and narration classes that I suppose may help them decide who would be a good fit for this roster of eager voices.

I don’t need to spell it out, but I’m disappointed.

If any of you got a similar letter, I’d be curious to know your thoughts.  I try not to be pessimistic.. It’s just that, well,  it’s easy these days.


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