A Day in the Life of a Voice Actor in 2015

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If someone had said 20 years ago what a day in the life of a voice actor would look like we would have said “No way!”

The fact is technology has reshaped not just the hardware but also the way we do things and the expectations put upon us.

1995 phone

In 1995 you may have had a mobile phone but most likely a pager, your demo was probably on a cassette and your agent would have given you a days notice to be at a studio somewhere.

If you were lucky enough to have a home studio you most likely connected via ISDN and delivered a DAT or CD via overnight courier.

Fast forward to 2015.

6.30am. Check emails to see what has come in overnight.

7.00am. Record scripts that came in overnight, edit and send.

9.00am. Clients will start sending scripts.

There could be radio spots, TV promos, Radio promos…

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